3/20/20 Day something of Doomsday

You learn a lot about yourself when you’re locked in your house with no company except a very attractive dog.

For example one thing I found that I’m not is gregarious.

I don’t mind being home alone at all. As most of you know I am constantly cracking myself up.

It’s like living with Henny Youngman.

And trading one husband for a series of dogs and one cat (may he rest in peace) has turned into a plus.

I don’t have to “look busy”.

Debby thinks that lying like a lox and watching TV is not only not a “waste of time”, it’s perfecto!  Just what we were born to do.

I can keep my house at the temperature I like because I’m not a skinny pussy that’s “always cold” and needs the heat on high.

Of course there are some drawbacks about living alone. My family worries about me.

The other day I even had to to jump off the toilet to answer the phone because if I don’t they’ll think I’m dead.

However I’ve become mucho creative.

I devised my own game of “Where’s Waldo”.


Go ahead. See of you can find her.


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