3/22/20 Day “huh?”of Talk About Your Bad Breaks.

Well Good news.

I found the microphone.

I plugged it in to make sure it worked. I believe I used the word “testing” twice.

Now to plan my performance.

This is new for me. I’ve always done the behind the scenes stuff. This is the first time I’ll be “Talent”.

I’ve got to fight my natural modesty and be honest.

Yes I’m an excellent tap dancer.

True my bird calls are beyond anything you can imagine.

But I also have a talent that I haven’t shown to the public. Well except for family bar mitzvahs,  weddings or an occasional seder.

I do impressions. Here’s one.

“Stella! Hey Stella”

That one leaves them in the aisles. I do it and all heads turn looking for….you guess it… Ray Milland.

Anyway it looks like this thing is gonna last for a while so I have time to really polish the act.

who am I kidding, It’s polished.

I’m gonna go out on my terrace later on today and give ’em a little taste of  what they have to look forward to for the rest of this tragedy.

I think I’ll start with a few bird calls and let people shout through their windows what bird they think it is. Same with the impressions.

I’ll wind it up with a little tap.

My terrace is on the 18th floor with lots of building around it so I should be bringing joy to a great many people.

We must all pull together in this terrible time and do what we can.

Now a lovely photo of Debby getting her first bath in a year.




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