3/23/20 Day Oy of Talk about yer bummers

New York City may be known for many things but gratitude and good taste aren’t two of them.

In my desire to lift up the spirits of my little corner of the world I decided to share my gifts to those house bound and hungering for entertainment.

I began as promised with my bird calls asking my neighbors from my and the surrounding buildings to shout out their guesses as to which bird I was ,very accurately if I may say so, trilling.

Well maybe you know a bird called “shut the fuck up” however I, a bird aficionado, do not.

But I wasn’t going to let the whole neighborhood suffer for one or maybe six miscreants so I continued.

I was barely into an almost perfect Wayne Newton when the bitch from 19G threw a Cup O’ Noodles on me.

Needless to say I decided to leave the tap dancing for another day.

I’m thinking for my next show I’ll lead with the dance. You know ease into the verbal entertainment.

And keep it under your hat but I’ve been working on something new. Something that will delight even those who are out of range of my microphone.

I’ve been practicing mime in front of my mirror.

I don’t want to blow my own horn but I swear you’d think I was actually IN an invisible box.

And now for your moment of zen.

on back

5 thoughts on “3/23/20 Day Oy of Talk about yer bummers

  1. You bring a smile to my face during this very
    stressful time. Keep your blogs coming!
    I wish you could make a small video of your
    bird calls etc….
    Stay safe and take care!

    PS I love the Zen pic💕🐾

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