3/28/20 I guess I was wrong

I had just about decided to quit my terrace shows.

According to the news I have about 2 weeks left to live and why waste my genius on a bunch of ingrates.

I’ve suffered from hoots, soup thrown on me and one ungrateful person in an apartment on 57th Street put a note on his window calling me a fat whore.

All this after I spent the last few days, even through my injuries on writing a one act one woman show with wigs and costumes.

PLUS I learned to yodel.

Well anyway I had just about given up yesterday when I stepped on my terrace and was greeted with all the windows in the buildings surrounding mine opened up and they were all applauding me.

So fans I realize I can’t let you down.

It’s back to the drawing  board.

I’m thinking that this play needs an english accent. Gotta work on that.

And now your moment of zen


4 thoughts on “3/28/20 I guess I was wrong

  1. I don’t know how you can be so funny, at the same time write beautiful words to music, paint like a real artist, and at the same time be our family matriarch…. Then dance and trill like a bird!!!! How does this happen?

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    • Randy, you’re so lucky to have the multi talented Mattie as your relative! I’m just a friend, and love the joy she adds to my life!!

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