3/30/20 I know what you’re thinking

Mattie do you spend all your time thinking of others???

Do you ever spare a moment for yourself?

The answer is “Not often”

I was forced to today because I had to  pick up a prescription at the drugstore.

And like they say when on a plane put the oxygen mask on yourself before your child because you’ll be no good to that child if you’re woozy.

Therefore I realized that in order to be there for my fans I must “put on the oxygen mask” so  to speak.

While I was on Zoom chat with the Klam family I tried on one of my “keep safe” precautions but my nephew Brian got so upset I decided to save it for a “last ditch” effort.

It is my Cpap mask which covers my nose and mouth very effectively. IMG_2452

Now what’s wrong with that?  Obviously I removed the hose for glamor’s sake.

I haven’t totally given up finding another meal ticket.

But Brian’s reaction was so strong I decided to go another way. A less secure way but I couldn’t stand seeing Brian that upset… or was it disgusted.

Anyway I made my own mask since our shit president doesn’t think New Yorkers are worth keeping alive.

I took one of my most becoming skirts and created, if I may say so, what I’m sure will be next year’s fashion statement.


Just try and tell me I don’t look stunning.

Even Debby couldn’t take her eyes off me.


Stay safe out there.



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