3/31/20 I may have to take a short break.

It seems that my skirt face masks are being requested like hotcakes.

In fact president trump has asked me to drop 6 or 7 of them a day off at local hospitals to replace the ones that he says the nurses are selling out of the back doors.

In case you forgot what they look like here they are


I’m quite honored that the president has contacted me directly to aid in these catastrophic times.

Well not exactly him. He had the My Pillow guy call me.

He also asked if I could make some lab coats out of my old bathing suits.

How he knew that they were knee length with skirts and would be perfect for the job I have no idea. The walls really do have eyes.

Will this stop my performances?  No.

Will it limit them? Possibly.

But I do have to put the country first.

The president, or the My Pillow guy, assured me that keeping our health care workers safe is his, and should be all of our, 13th priority.

But keep heart. In my spare time I’m working diligently on that one act play I spoke of.

Since I’m so busy saving the country I’ve had to use a stand-in to star in one of the musical numbers.

I’m having her sing “B B B Blue Team” from my days at Camp Highmount’s  color war.

Here’s a peek of the rehearsal.




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