4/1/20 I got a little down last night

I guess it’s just the length of time my world has been crazy.

First we have a president who is incompetent, bigoted and dumb and unfortunately he let the whole world know it so America has lost our position as the Leader of the Free World and become the punchline of a joke.

Now the virus. It’s all going on for so long.

Luckily we have some heroes out there and she will step up and keep your mind off what’s going on free of charge.

(Free of charge while this is going on but  after that applause last week I’m pretty sure my fans will want to start a  Go Fund Me so that I can go back to my Rabbinical and Mime studies)

You may be pleased that since I am positive that this blog will be shown all over the world I’ve taken the liberty of translating much of it into other languages.

I’m not made of the kind of money I would need to hire a translator, however I’ve traveled widely and picked up enough languages to make this readable in any country.

Par ejemplo (see what I did there?), for our friends in England I will use the word shant and blimey a lot.

And don’t be surprised if I go on and on about latkes, rigatoni or those disgusting white sausages they have in Germany.

And don’t think I’m going to ignore smaller places. No Mon I hear my fans in the Bahamas .

I have plenty of time to perfect it.

Anyway I’m working hard to be cheerful while still keeping myself and Debby safe.

In fact I have been working on a mask for Debby.

It’s very intricate and I can make it to fit any dog except Collies, mostly because they think they’re so great.

It’s very similar to mine so we can go as mother daughter. Here it is.


This is her first fitting.

I can make one available for your little fur baby for the low low price of $39.99 or 3,000 pesos or 11 drachmas.

Plus shipping and handling.

Bien Venuto, Las Vegas and Aloha to you all.

Be Safe



One thought on “4/1/20 I got a little down last night

  1. Mattie dear, it’s obvious how much Debby adores you since she let you stick that zipper in her eye. You gladden my life with every post! ❤️🐾💖🐾♥️🐾💕🐾 Thank you!!!

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