4/2/20 Now that I’m going international

I’ve decided to take a short break from my terrace show for 2 reasons.

  1. It’s a little chilly outside and..
  2. The doorman told me that the bitch from 19G got a Fresh Direct delivery and I have no doubt she’s stocked up on Cup O’ Noodles.

So Parforisty, as they say in Lithuania which means for my non multilingual readers, “Don’t forget proper spelling”.

I am going to let you in on a bit of my personal lifenheimer (Croatian)

In the past, every couple of months I’d go with my friend Ronnie to Brooklyn, or Rovenklamer, as you french say, to visit our sweet friend Susan where I would get my hair cut for reasonable rates.

It’s been so long but I’m pretty sure it was $12.

Being a sport, or lickenplatz (Egyptian) I’d throw the guy a twenty, or 11 parsnips.

His name was Tony which was strange for  a Chinese guy who barely spoke english.

Anyway I decided to stop going to him when I noticed how dusty his shrine was and the grapefruit he left for our lady of whatever had seen better days.

Luckily Susan found me another person to cut my hair.

She did a great job even if she was costly. I decided to bite the bullet though and cough up the fifteen klackens (Hawaiian for dollars). I’ve been going to her for a couple of years. Unfortunately I never did catch her name.

Needless to say personal grooming has gone the way of the efinextra (Spanish)

My hair is practically down to my hips.

Luckily I am a brilliant stylist or cramenapper (swedish)

After trying several different styles , all of which enhanced my natural beauty, I finally decided on this.

I call it “The Lanceford”

What do you think?


Well Debby certainly gives it a 4 paws up


Stay safe (english)


3 thoughts on “4/2/20 Now that I’m going international

  1. Love your grasp of foreign languages. You might try getting a job as an interpreter at the UN! I just bought 2 tubes of depilatory since my waxing lady has gone into hiding during these difficult times!

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