4/3/20 Necessity is the mother of how great I am

I should have been more prepared.  I’m smarter than that.

Last night I had a dream that I was playing the ukulele to a crowd of thousands.

It looked really easy.

When I woke up I realized why oh why didn’t I get a ukulele in preparation for this incarceration (a harsh word but that’s what it is)

I know I could figure out how to play one.

It’s only got a couple of strings.

Look at all I’ve taught myself in this short time.

I started only knowing tap dancing.

Then I perfected mime. If you recall I learned how to put myself in an invisible box. Well since then I’ve perfected the appearance of walking up and down stairs.

I’m working on “got your nose” now and it’s almost ready.

And as if the tap wasn’t enough, my ballet is almost ready to perform.

I should be doing Swan Lake (Debby’s going to have to pitch in on this. I can’t be 2 swans at once).  That should be ready within 4 to 6 weeks.

I’ve been watching Allan Schwartzberg and Steve Gadd playing drums for almost 40 years and real close up.

No offense to you guys but that too looks really easy. A chimp could do it.

There is no way I couldn’t perfect that in a day or two.

So I’m thinking with my talent and my can do attitude the uke (that’s what I call it) should be a piece of cake.

Speakin’ of cake, any body got one they could send my way? I’m really jonesin” for some.

I’m afraid that with just the stuff I have in the house and what Fresh Direct has in stock to deliver I won’t make my Sumo weight by the time this is over.

Moment of zen happens to be another of my talents. I’m teaching Debby to read.


Take that Ann Leary! Bet that makes your twirling dog a bit less impressive.

Stay safe.


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