4/5/20 Am I Joys only hope?

Let’s say I don’t die of this virus.

I’m thinkin’ I’m gonna have to plan something to do with my life when things go back to normal.

After all people are going to want to go out.

My terrace show won’t be as needed then even though every night at the same time all the people in surrounding apartments clap and bang pots as if to say:

“Mattie Sama, ( only Japanese people will realize what high regard the “Sama” shows me)

Ahem “Mattie Sama, I know you need time to prepare your performances and heaven knows they are perfection but do you need to take the entire weekend off to rehearse?  We are locked in our houses and want, nay need, something to look forward to”

Well fans, the truth is I am not rehearsing. I am rejuvenating. I am putting my many talents in a box for 2 days and when I take them out they will be refreshed and once again be anxious to G-I-V-E.

Wait! Maybe I spoke too soon.

Maybe I’ll hear from some benefactor (Hello Joseph Papp)for me to come into one of those empty theaters to entertain.

I’m assuming that many of those actors have taken up other trades and they’ll be dying for something impressive to fill that void.

I’ve gotta go now.

Be patient fans  Monday will come soon enough and I’ll be back “on the boards”

Now I have to rush down and check the mail.  It’s entirely possible that some Producer will jump the gun and contact me at this early date.

But first…Zen



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