4/8/20 Yikes!

I got an email from my landlord today that there are 2 Corona Virus victims in the building.

One of them better not be me or this war effort of mine will take a definite hit.

You all know how much I love my Super, Lester.

Something happened earlier in the year that effected us both.

One of the tenants was found naked and unconscious in his/her apartment by me.

Naturally Lester was there when we ushered in the paramedics.

I promised him on that day that I would never be in my apartment naked again so he would not have the trauma of seeing me in that condition should the worst happen.

I assured him that I would even wear clothes in the shower where the possibility of slipping on the soap was an ever present danger.

I’ve kept that promise.

But the present situation has made me amp that promise up.

Previously I was very casual about what I wore, especially in the shower.

Maybe a pair of slacks that needed washing anyway.

Or last years model from Gucci that I wouldn’t be caught dead in on the street (See what I did there?).

But now that death is literally at my kitchen door as my last “gift” to Lester I’m really upping what I’m wearing around the house.

Today it’s a sequin number with a side split in royal blue.

Yesterday short shorts with an off the shoulder midriff top.

Wait a minute I have to cut this short.

I’m pretty sure I have my wedding dress somewhere in the back of the closet.

But first…Zen


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