4/10/20 The new normal, according to Debby

Obviously things aren’t the same.

Since I’ve always considered myself a leader, mainly in the past few weeks, I’ve decided to let you know how I’ve been handling stuff so you can maybe take some tips from this and use the ones that apply to you.

Particularly if you are or have a dog.

I’ve always been kind of devil may care when it comes to rules.

For example I know that the Debster likes to eat in bed.

I can’t tell you how often I’ve gotten under the covers only to find a day old chunk of hamburger or a bite size piece of last week’s pizza by my feet.

Well there’s a new Sheriff in town.

Some of my new rules may seem overly strict, even maniacal but they are necessary in these times that we are forced to live in and we must adapt.

So now each night before I go to sleep I pull back the sheet and remove the chicken ala king or whatever she has stowed there and put it ON TOP OF THE COVERS.

Speaking of covers I’ve decided to limit the number of chew sticks etc that Debby needs to bring to bed to 25.

You may have noticed that much of Debby’s down time, as does mine, takes place on my bed and I can’t say she’s accepted this pleasantly. I might even suggest there’s an “attitude”.


Also I’ve limited the TYPES of food she can bring to bed.


Yoghurt has become persona non grata since she put the half empty container in my shoe.

I told you. I’m getting tough.

But it isn’t all bedlam (see what I did there? BED-lam).

She also uses the bed for other things.


And THAT my dears is your moment of zen.

Stay safe.

3 thoughts on “4/10/20 The new normal, according to Debby

  1. Most of your readers probably think you are making this stuff up, or at least engaging in wild exaggeration. Sadly I believe every word to be true.

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