4/18/20 I know you all put me on a pedestal so I’ll keep trying I guess

Well so much for doing a water ballet in the bathtub.

I hit my head twice.

I’ve been trying and trying to cheer up the world while giving a bit of happiness to myself.

I gotta say I’m failing on both fronts.

Once I saw that that applause wasn’t for me I just lost the will to entertain.

Now I know how Jimmy Kimmel feels with no audience.

I mean he’s got a wife and kids. All I have is this fuckin’ dog who demands a hot meal every night.

I’m eating a cheese sandwich and she’s chomping down on chicken a la fond.

And let me say that that guy yelling “Shut your pie hole fat ass” really stung.

You just try singing and dancing without a bass player.

Well let me tell you. This can’t last forever. Sooner or later we’re gonna be let out of our houses.

I’ve pretty much honed in on which apartment this guy lives in and he’s in for a big surprise when I get out of here.

Let me say he’s not going to be happy when there is a paper bag on fire outside his door and he’s forced to stamp it out.

Let’s just say Debby will be leaving him a little present.

Now when I say I’ve “pretty much” honed on his apartment. I know the floor but it could one of two buildings.

So if I”m wrong excusez-moi to whoever lives there. My bad.

Maybe this will help you all in your shuttered in state…Zen


Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “4/18/20 I know you all put me on a pedestal so I’ll keep trying I guess

  1. Mattie dear, you and Debby gave me the strength to have 2 egg McMuffins and coffee delivered at 8:12 this morning. Love you both!

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