4/16/20 I’m not as brave as I seem

Okay now this has gone far enough.

I’m getting too depressed to dance.

I know many of you feel the same way. But to be honest very few of you were anywhere near the dancer I was.

I wake up in the middle of the night thinking thinking thinking.

I remember things I’ve done or said through my life that still give me the willies.

I’ll give you one example. Get ready for a humble brag.

I was in the studio with he who shall not be named when Grover Washington Jr. came in.

He said he had just been on the phone with Donny Osmond. I acted surprised.

He had an interesting response. He said Donny was a terrific musician and a great guy.

It seemed like Grover and I were really hitting it off.

Without looking into the studio he recognized the drummer and named him.

I asked Grovie, that’s what I was calling him then since we were getting tight,

“How can you tell a drummer just by hearing him play?”

(I want to take this moment to apologize to every drummer I know but you all know what an asshole I am)

Now if I had stopped there our friendship would have blossomed into maybe sleepovers and phoney phonecalls.

BUT that is not my way.

If I may quote my ex husband, he spent our whole marriage rebuilding all the bridges I’ve burnt.

So in my need to bond with Grovie , shortly to be “Mr. Jr” to me, and show him that I wasn’t just a pretty face, I said

“Gee I wouldn’t be able to recognize any musician just by hearing them play

(now here it comes)

” Well maybe Dave Sanborn”

I saw him blink and a little light went out of his eyes.

Now in my defense I had no idea that he and Dave Sanborn played the same instrument.

For all I knew they were both tuba players

Who am I Lawrence Welk ?

But even I knew that those days of pillow fights and pajama parties for me and Mr. Jr. were over.

My life is so filled with stories like that.

In fact one of the things that kept me awake last night was my last post giving my address and asking for gifts.

You know that was  joke right?

Well maybe not the real jewelry.

And come to think of it I do look fabulous in yellow.

Well anyway……Zen


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