4/15/20 Being a “Giver” isn’t a bed of roses.

I’ve been so busy caring for everyone else and trying to lift their spirits that I didn’t realize that I too am suffering.

I sit here alone at 200 east 58th Street Apt 18A, New York, N.Y. 10022 (just in case anyone feels the need to show a little gratitude) with just my dog and my TV.

I look excellent in any  shade of yellow and I’m a sucker for good jewelry and plants. (Thank you Mary)

I have to admit that it’s getting harder and harder to keep my chin up. But I am trying.

I’ve decided to use this time, this ME time, to set aside a part of the day when I’m not lifting the spirits of the world around me (that, if you read my last post, the world is not as grateful as I thought it was ) to improve myself.

I’ve decided to teach myself Greek.

Of course I don’t know any Greek but neither does anyone else so if I just teach myself words that sound greek like “efideckanal” that should do.

I’ve also decided that 13 meals a day leave me little or no time to improve myself and be there for others so no in between meal snacks.

I also got to thinking that when I was in Camp Highmount or Camp Ma-Ho-Ge, I’m not sure which since my parents couldn’t get rid of me fast enough, I was part of a water ballet to “Old Cape Cod”

I remember most of it.

“If you’re fond of sand dunes and salty air” and jump. “Quaint little villages here and there” backstroke. and so forth.

Well I don’t have a pool but I do have a bathtub.

Just sayin’ I’ve done more with less.

And lest I forget….Zen or working on her tan.


One thought on “4/15/20 Being a “Giver” isn’t a bed of roses.

  1. My heart is bursting with joy over what you’ve done for Debby. You restore my faith in humans Mattie. Thank you for loving her.

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