4/13/20 When I’m wrong, I’m wrong

And I admit it.

It seems that the applause I heard from my neighbors every night was not for me.

I can’t say I wasn’t dismayed to find that out especially since my already remarkable talent had reached almost a leading lady status (I use the word “almost” in all modesty)

To make it doubly painful, this news was very cruelly relayed to me by my niece Julie Rose Klam. Usually a fan.

But you can see why I would think otherwise.

I’ve been working tirelessly to provide entertainment to cheer up those shut ins within sight or sound of my terrace.

Even injuring myself at times. You all remember that turned ankle.

And if that Cup O’ Noodles hadn’t been cooled off on it’s flight down one story I was risking severe burns on several occasions.

However I soldiered on.

But as was told to me (very rudely, I might add ) that nurses, doctors and delivery people who care for those infected or trying not to be deserve applause too. (I added the “too”. It seems Julie wouldn’t even give me that)

Like Bob Hope did NOTHING for those soldiers during the war.

Anyway after I sulked for a few days my almost saintly self picked herself up and joined in.

Yes people I ended my performance a bit earlier so that I could partake in the gratitude that was shown (in part) for those tireless workers on the front lines.

People were applauding, as was I, and banging pans, as wasn’t I, in thanks.

Plus it had a side benefit.

I could barely hear the guy from 20C who took it upon himself to scream “Shut your pie hole fat ass” every fuckin’ night..

Now Zen


Stay safe.

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