4/22/20 A few people have mentioned that I seem unhinged

When the truth is that I have never been more hinged.

I’m finding  qualities in myself in quarantine that I never knew I had.

Maybe they were always there and lying in a ball and singing that great hit of my youth “Kookie Kookie lend me your comb” in a mouse voice over and over again just brought it out in me.

To be totally honest I’ve never been that much of a housekeeper but now I’m an absolute clean freak.

For example I looked at my dining room table and said to myself.

“This just won’t do. I’ve got to bring some order to this”


Well I put on my apron and voila!


Out went the bottle of Advil.

In an attempt at modesty I know I should say I wasn’t much in the cooking department before but that just wouldn’t be true.

Even in these stressful times I’ve been able to give Debby and myself nutritious and appealing meals.

Why just last night I prepared my famous Chicken A La Dreck, a favorite of my ex husband.


A little ketchup and this dish is to die for.

*Recipe on request

And now….you guessed it ..Zen


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