4/23/20 I’m no different than you ordinary people

I put my slacks on one leg at a time. Even in these difficult times

I’m dealing with every day being the same just as you are.

I wake up

Scream into the toilet for 2 or three minutes


Change from my night nightgown to my day nightgown

Teach my dog to trot

Have my coffee


Just like all you regular Joes.  Well the ones with dogs anyway.

But this is starting to get old. Like I said every day is the same.

I don’t think this is going to go back to normal anytime soon so I’ve got to put on my thinking cap and figure a way to add some variance to my days.

Got it.

I’ve decided to make each room taboo for one day of the week.*

For example, on Tuesday the living room will be  persona non grata.

Then the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, Gift wrapping room, Shoe suite and finally the room where I keep my stuffed swans.

Is that 7? Yes that’s 7.

The bathroom is a tough one but if you notice I put the kitchen day just before it so if I also don’t drink anything I’m golden.

That will make each room that much more delightful when I can re enter it.

*for those of you in one or two bedroom apartments you can, I don’t know, part your hair on different sides or something.

Sometimes I can’t believe how my mind comes up with something just when I think I’ve hit the bottom of the barrel.

Now back to the drawing board.

But first, Zen


Stay safe.


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