4/25/20 What happens if I run out of mental patient pills before this is over?

Plus being a Democrat in a Democratic State isn’t putting myself in the best position at the present time to get more.

I’m not sure that those words are capitalized but if they aren’t and you’re thinking I’m dumb you can go fuck yourself.

(See? I’m getting low on pills already)

Back to the Democrat thing.

I’m thinking of becoming a republican, at least until it’s time to vote.

I’m going to have to dig deep but maybe not THAT deep.

For example bigotry.

If you’re really honest everyone hates someone.

For example I’ve never really likes Swedes.

A lot of them say yust instead of just.


Dumb- I got that capitalization thing above. check.

And as far as pushing for a wall around the USA. I’m all for it.

It seems that people can just put a ladder against it and climb over so it’s no skin off my back.

Wall- check

I’d prefer not to wear one of those red hats because I do still live in NYC and I don’t want to get punched in my mask when I walk my dog.

Before I go all in I’d better check if you HAVE to inject Clorox.

First of all who has Clorox ?

I’d better get some mere crazy pills soon.

This Zen is for me more than you.






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