4/28/20 I went to the store and didn’t die.

Of course I was wearing a mask, glasses, gloves, galoshes and leggings.

Obviously I didn’t go to Whole Foods because Debby is banned from that store and I had to bring her with me for 2 reasons.

One it was her walk time and two she had to pick out the olives she likes.

You wouldn’t want to be at the end of that tongue lashing if you bring home those ones with the blue cheese in them.

Being a woman alone I’m constantly trying to think of ways to increase the coffer.

I’ve always been very good at knowing what the next big thing was.

I was wearing my hair in a flip long before someone suggested that it would be a good idea to turn  that page boy upside down.

Maybe that’s why I joined the Debby Boone fan club while Pat was still taking bows for “April Love”.

Anyway here’s what I think.

We’ll be wearing these masks for a long time so you probably think the next big thing will be eyebrows and ears.

Well you’d be wrong.

The next big thing?   BELTS!

Don’t blame yourself for not seeing it. Not everyone can think outside the box.

And not just ordinary belts. No.

Belts with your home town and your weight on them.

Because after staying home for months, being fat will be the new “thing”.

Like I said. I’ve always been ahead of the curve.

Now Zen




3 thoughts on “4/28/20 I went to the store and didn’t die.

  1. I want masks with pictures – like a cat with whiskers, or a mean growling dog mouth, or really big lips, half a skeleton face to freak people out, theme and fun masks! These should be the next big thing!

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