5/1/20 You can teach an old dog new tricks

OR what I’ve learned during this confinement.

First of all you can buy a new cd of the Best of the Everly Brothers to play in your car but you can get quite a bit of joy just looking at it all new in the wrapper on your dining room table.

When you live alone you don’t have to change your sheets every time you find a bit of meat loaf in them.

Make up???

I went to Sephora with my sister and bought some new things to enhance my natural beauty just before the shut down.


Still unopened.

I thought I really didn’t need it but when I went out to walk my dog I pulled my mask down to adjust it and my doorman suggested it wouldn’t kill me to put on a drop of blush .

Exercise is very personal.  It’s not all push ups and knee bends. Sometimes it’s just walking across the floor without touching any dog chews.


And who says you have to comb your hair every day?

I mean if you’re doing a video chat, okay. But my new style of waist length knots seems to look pretty rad (I think that means “perky”. I heard it on TMZ and I thought “Why not? I’m not 100. I can still get down with the kids)

I think that’s enough for today…..ZenIMG_3113

They can’t all be movie star perfect.




2 thoughts on “5/1/20 You can teach an old dog new tricks

  1. Thank you for sharing Debby performing her ablutions. Between that and your comments about hair care, I’m grateful for your suggestion that I should drop a conditioner on my head.
    Without you darling Mattie, I’d let myself go to wrack and ruin.
    P. S. Please tell me what those partial candy canes are all around Debby.

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