5/3/20 I like to watch dogs chew

That’s just one of the things I’ve learned about myself during the isolation of my confinement.

I gotta say that I pretty much had life aced before all this but having every day be exactly the same has opened me up to notice little things that might have passed me by while I was busy taking showers, combing my hair and changing my clothes.

For example, did you ever notice that your thumbs don’t wrinkle at the same rate as your toes?

And you can get Amazon to deliver almost anything except body parts.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want any body parts at the present time but I am on a fact finding mission and who knows what the future holds.

Anyway this could go on forever and everybody can use an extra spleen.

And besides I have a sister, nephews, nieces and cousins who would be glad to give me whatever I need.

I used to be quite the social butterfly so this isolation is really putting a crimp in my style.

Once or twice a month I’d go to Brooklyn with my two friends Ronnie and Susan. Susan lives there.

Anyway we’d live it up.

Lunch and Stop N Shop.

Once in awhile we’d go crazy and get mani pedis.

And many Sundays Julie and her family would come over for dinner.

They were perfect guests because when I’d say “Go Home”, they’d jump up mid bite and race to the door.

All except Dan, Julie’s husband.

It seems that the goyim can’t leave a house without peeing first.

Anyway it worked for all of us. They could be home by 6 and I could take a shower (people used to do that then) and watch whatever housewife show was on the boob tube.

Those were crazy times.

Well at least I can give you…Zen


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