5/18/20 I’ve pretty much got this isolation thing aced

I live alone with Debby.

As far as my appearance goes I really don’t have to fuss.

She thinks I’m gorgeous.

Who am I gonna dress up for?

I only go out to walk the dog.

I go to the bank or grocery store very seldom and I’m always wearing a mask and sun glasses

I only put on make up for zoom calls.

Then I realized maybe I’m being too cavalier about this.

My gray roots are turning into stems.

If I don’t shave my legs soon I’ll have to wear larger size slacks.

My once beautiful toenail polish is chipped like crazy and it’s almost sandal season.

Then I remembered.

A super model once lived down the hall.

One night I went over to her house and she was eating take out Chinese food on good china by candle light.

“You do this when you’re eating by yourself?” I asked.

“Of course, who’s more important than me?”

I decided that I’d better get control .

So I dyed my hair, shaved my legs and polished my toenails

I walked my dog and went to the bank feeling pretty good about myself.

When I got home I realized that my shirt was on inside out.

Baby steps.

Now Zen


Debby in the cart she jumped out of to bite another dog which got her banned from Whole Foods




3 thoughts on “5/18/20 I’ve pretty much got this isolation thing aced

  1. Ha, Ha! Great! I once was whispered to by an early morning flight screener, that โ€œI had my sweater on, inside out and backwardsโ€!

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