5/20/20 This and That

I’m torn between hating the Amazon guy, Jeff something, and buying everything from Amazon.

I treat Amazon like a great book.

It’s my “War and Peace”.

Here’s why having a blog is great. I can make you believe anything I want about me.

The few people that read this and actually know me are aware that I would never read “War and Peace” unless the world ran out of People magazines.

Anyway I only order things I really need like yesterday I ordered a weeder with wheels.

And I’ve got to keep Debby from staring at me all the time so I am continually ordering her these chew sticks.

The problem with them is she only likes the string of dried chicken that is wrapped around them. The rest of them she leaves around the house.


And this morning I woke up and found this on my bed.


Where’d she get the popcorn? Has she been going to the movies without me?

I haven’t had popcorn in over a week.

I wonder if this is the Universe telling me to vacuum?

Nah, I’ll go with the movie thing.

Maybe this isn’t the right place to say this but I’m so scared that trump will succeed in keeping people from voting and no one will stop him.

So thats why I need this Zen as much as you do.

leopard blanket


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