5/23/20 What I’m learning about myself

Number one I am not industrious.

Everyone I talk to is putting this time to good use or at least to use.

My sister who is 6 years older than me is mowing her lawn and tidying the desk full of crap near her front door.

Julie is running up and down steps in the park.

Even my friend Susan who’s stuck in that hell hole Florida. Every time she calls me she’s on a walk.

I wasn’t always like this.

At the start of this at home thing I was sitting in my chair watching TV (Either Bravo or Psych) and I noticed that the dresser on which my TV rests was really dusty.

What did I do?

I got right up and went to get that duster thing and dusted that dresser.

This wasn’t easy. It wasn’t just a swipe.

I had things on that dresser.

I had my cable box, a VCR, my mother’s sewing basket that had a packet of free needles from Shopwell in it and a comb.

I had to do a lot of navigating.

But I did it.

Now here it is about 28 or so days later and guess what?

It’s all dusty again so that was all in vain.

You won’t catch me doing all that again.

As for now I think I’ll just enjoy this Zen



2 thoughts on “5/23/20 What I’m learning about myself

  1. Haha…I couldn’t accomplish much either and it’s been 60 days lockdown here! Whats the point of dusting…its gonna come back with vengeance !

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