5/26/20 I’m all holidayed out

Whew I never knew how energizing a three day weekend  could be.

I’m all tuckered out both physically and mentally.

Yesterday I brought the vacuum into the living room.

You see I dropped a glass there about two weeks ago.

Luckily I was able to cover the shards with a wee wee pad so it didn’t interfere with my dancing.

I’m pretty sure that sometime before Labor Day I’ll be able to put that vacuum to good use.

Busy busy busy.

I believe I’ve told you about my friend David.

He moved back from Texas and now lives in Connecticut.

Last night we were having one of our telephone cocktail chats.

On that call he told me that I’m one of his closest friends and I had to admit that he’s one of mine.

Here’s the interesting thing about that.

I despise him and everything he stands for. He really is a despicable person.

Yet he is in fact one of my best friends and I am one of his.

He never makes me feel better either. He remembers and is pleased to remind me of every misstep I’ve ever taken.

Just last night he reminded me that when I got engaged to dave my mother warned me that it was just a matter of time before he called me a dirty Jew.

My mom had a way with words. She was quite the kidder.

I think maybe this friendship is the secret that the Sphinx has been keeping hidden.

I’m seriously thinking of going to Whole Foods today.  Alone since you know….. banned.

We haven’t been out of each other’s sight in months.  I don’t know how I’m going to break it to her.

Although I am my mother’s daughter.

I could tell her that if she wasn’t such a fuck up she could come with me.

I know the dirty Jew thing comforted me.

Now Zen





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