7/10/20 Neither rain nor sleet..

Nor an impending really bad storm could keep me from viewing the completed project on Fifth Avenue.

You people know I’m not one to complain, heaven knows, but don’t ask about my knees.

And this fuckin’ dog doesn’t know the meaning of saunter.  Pull pull pull that’s the only language she understands.

I mistakenly thought painting Black Lives Matter would take days to complete and because the weatherman said that by 12 noon it would be 55 knot winds I decided to interrupt Debby’s beauty sleep, she’s a late riser, and go look at the finished product.

It was beautiful.

I was standing in the glow of loving my City and just witnessing what I thought was history when I asked an African American man on a bike to take a picture of me ( see below).

He took a great deal of care in taking the picture. And as I was thanking him he said “You know this Black Lives Matter thing is bullshit, don’t you?”

I can’t remember exactly what he said but the gist of it is that it’s the rich people that are promoting this and that all this marching won’t do anything, We have to change the Constitution.  He also said that he’d vote for trump over Biden any day and thank goodness Hillary didn’t get in. If she had Jeffry Epstein wouldn’t have gone to prison.

I countered with the first people that marched in the sixties didn’t stop the war or get the civil rights laws changed it was the continued marching that made change,

But that went down like a turd in a punchbowl.

Remember that glow I had a few minutes ago…gone.

He and I hugged each other and wishing that I never met him I slowly limped or tried to limp slowly (remember that fuckin’ dog) home.

Here’s a picture of me before I lost all hope.


And some Zen of that fuckin’ dog and my Super.



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