10/18/20 A Happy Story

Here’s the funny part.

It’s about the worst person I know.

You guessed it, David.

As you know David is a Republican, gun owner who has been known to be bigoted and is just generally shitty.

He also is one of my best friends.

I’ve noticed a few chinks in his crap armor though.

In spite of the fact that the only thing he holds dear is the economy, he didn’t vote for trump last time and he won’t vote for him this time.

Although he’s considered himself a Texan for as long as I’ve known him (embracing everything lousy about that State) and considered New Yorkers well, not his style when he moved to Texas a few years ago he realized that he was more of a New Yorker than he thought and he moved back this year.

This Covid thing has knocked him for a loop though. He was telling me that he feels isolated and somewhat depressed being in alone so much.

Here’s where I have to pat myself on the back even though as you know that’s very hard for me.

“What you need is a dog! It will get you out and there will be someone who’s glad to see you when you get home”

Which is something I myself can’t imagine that happening much in his life.

He brightened up immediately.

You’re right! I will get a rescue dog.

And he got right on it.

To encourage him I sent him a dog bed for his birthday, telling him that the dog will probably sleep in his bed.

To which he replied “Well that ain’t happening!!”

Now let’s move forward.

Yesterday he picked up Minnie. I can’t exactly say what she is. It looks like someone threw everything doglike in a pot and out came Minnie.

I had told David that it would probably take her awhile to get settledl

David, Minnie and I zoomed last night and her tail was almost wagging off.

She’s already made him her person.

BTW here’s where she slept last night.

He acted tough though.

He sent me this saying:

“No luck getting into her bed. I’ll get medieval on her ass tomorrow night “

David will be sleeping in that dog bed before Minnie will.

Now we have a guest Zen today.

10 thoughts on “10/18/20 A Happy Story

  1. That looks like it has Doberman in it which means it will eat your dog for lunch if it thinks David is being threatened. I see it as an accident waiting to happen. You’d better hope it doesn’t have any pitbull in it too because then the jaws will lock. Hope I’m wrong.

  2. Dogs are wonderful, nuf said. I know how David feels. I moved to Upstate NY after my husband, (who was born in Syracuse,) got out of the Air Force. I was born and raised in WY and when we retired I wanted go back out West, so we moved to AZ. I discovered I had developed a NY attitude and state of mind. I won’t put up with any S#$% from anybody, I keep hearing I am not “nice” and I have the wacky sense of humor. For example I heard a New Yorker the other day say that when a southern woman says, “Oh God Bless Her,” what she is really saying, “F#$k You!” I found that hilarious

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