11/10/20 Now that I can breathe again…

I’m starting to do some of the things that I couldn’t do while hiding under my bed.

It started on Saturday when I was walking Debby and I heard the Star Spangled Banner coming out of someone’s window.

I started crying then and I’m almost finished crying now so I am dipping my toe into life once again.

On a slightly personal level falling under TMI, ever since I saw Stephanie’s toilet that practically gives you a bath every time you use it. I wanted it.

Now that I have reentered the world of the living and joy is permitted back in my life I decided to get one.

My sweet nephew Jimmy said that if I order it he’ll connect it.

So on Amazon I go.

It was all going fine until they asked if my toilet was long or round.

It looked pretty round but it could have been long.

What to do.What to do.

Now who could I ask?

It could only be my super, Lester.

But from my huge knowledge of Latin men, how could I bring up the subject of toilets without him thinking it was a come on?

I’m a woman alone so I have to be careful.

I finally hit on it.

I sent him a text.

“Is my toilet round or long? I’m asking for a friend.”

Luckily he bought it. After asking me to send him a picture of my toilet he assured me it was round.

I also bought a new computer that I can’t work at all.

Still my angst at this is nothing like what I was feeling under my bed.

Double Zen

2 thoughts on “11/10/20 Now that I can breathe again…

  1. Awesome zen. As your lovely sister noted above, “Two beauties!”

    The toilet situation you describe does not seem like TMI. Americans need to give more attention to this topic, IMO. Just in case you’re ever nearby, Bardessono Hotel in Yountville in the Napa Valley has super-fabulous toilets just off Lucy’s Restaurant near their lobby. Go for the breakfast, hang around for the toilets. In an article I found on the subject there is this text, “But the wow factor is a circular suite of eight individual restrooms off the reception lobby. Behind each door is an energy-saving Toto Neorest 500 toilet/washlet. [Insert “You’re not in Kansas anymore,” joke here.] The lid opens automatically, uncovering a heated seat. A wireless wall control panel allows users to wash and dry (adjusting for temperature and pressure).” I can verify it is toilet as borderline religious experience. The article, which is from 2013 (so there must be a new and improved model, which boggles the mind): https://www.moretimetotravel.com/bardessono-hotel-ultimate-green-luxury/

    71 days until the inauguration. Protect the vote.

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