11/27/20 Still way too much information.

As I might have told you my nephew Jim is coming today to connect my new magic toilet which promises to make toilet paper a thing of the past while polishing my nails and combing my hair.

Since Jim is by trade a lawyer I thought I’d give him a little help by preparing his workspace by removing the old toilet seat.

No mean feat. However since I have a BA in Fine Arts I felt I could handle it.

The screws holding it on just wouldn’t budge so I figured giving them a few hard whacks with a wrench would do the trick.

No dice.

However I did notice quite a bit of water coming out of that big thing that the toilet is attached to.

It being Sunday I knew I couldn’t ask my Super to come up and save the day….or could I?

I sent him a text.

“I know you’re not working today but my toilet is really leaking”

He immediately answered “Yikes I’ll be right up”

Even though I was wearing heavy nightclothes I did change into my street attire because as you know I had promised him to always be properly dressed in case I drop dead so he wouldn’t have to see me naked.

When he came in I explained what had happened.

“Do you think I broke the toilet?”


Can you fix it so that my nephew can put on the new one?”

“I’ll put the new one on”

And he proceeded to do just that.

Before he started I made him watch the video with connection instructions.

I could see he wasn’t really paying attention.

Luckily I had hired someone to help him since this clearly wasn’t a one man job.

Remember when I said that he wasn’t really paying attention to the instructions?

It clearly said that when you test it water might squirt out of the toilet

Zen today is the following video.


I took a movie of my super Lester getting squirted in the face when he tested the toilet proving that he didn’t give that training video the attention it deserved but it didn’t come out so you’ll just have to settle with another photo of Debby where she is resting after a hard days work.

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