11/24/20 My relationship with my Super isn’t always smooth sailing.

I have been depending on my Super a bit more than I should.

In fact after the toilet incident the very next day he had to come up because the outside water on my terrace wouldn’t turn off after I had my nephew follow his instructions to the letter.

After turning off the water he left.

I immediately threw my nephew under the bus.

Something wasn’t right.

I started looking at the previous texts and it was clear my nephew did as he was instructed by Lester’s text.

I immediately wrote to Lester.

So yesterday was a new day.

Unfortunately last night my new toilet wouldn’t flush.

Woe is me.

How could I ask Lester to come up a third time after turning on him like that.

I tossed and turned all night trying to come up with something.


First thing this morning I sent him the following text.

Obviously falling for my ruse he immediately answered after I comforted him that the job wouldn’t be unpleasant.

I guess all relationships have ups and downs.

Your Zen today will be a photo that Lester will claim was when Debby threw the rags in the toilet.

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