7/2/22. You think you know someone…

I’m talking about my cousin’s kids.

I see some of them but mostly as grown ups I only know them through family rare get togethers (funerals) where we rarely talk.

I also know them though Facebook or Instagram.

Remember these are the KIDS of my cousins, who by the way I adore, who are not that interested in knowing me that much either.

Let me give you an example.

My cousin Barbara’s kid Mike.

I’ve mentioned Barbara Gips. She’s the one who wrote “In space no one can hear you scream”.

Now I follow Mike on FB. He is always posting pictures of himself all tired after some grueling sports activity.

I’d comment something creepy like “Hubba hubba”.

I never knew what Mike did for a living. I thought he did something musclie. Like ran a bowling alley or bent steel.

Then lo and behold he sent me an article he wrote for the Washingtonian called “The Spy In My Basement”.

It turns out Mike is some kind of spy specialist and he really does have like a Seal Team 6 type spy living in his basement.

So I figure if he does run a bowling alley it’s probably a cover so he can catch commies.

Luckily I do know someone quite well

Although who knows what she does when I’m sleeping.

Finding pieces of hot dog in my bed could be some kind of spy signal.

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