7/13/22 Being dumb is a full time job

Here’s one of the problems of having a smart family.

You have to pretend you aren’t dumb.

You see a smart family likes to think they’re all smart. They get real embarrassed if your dumbness sneaks out.

So the smartest thing I do is keep my dumbness under wraps.

I’ll give you an example.

I mainly watch reality shows.

Now you get to be invested in these people and often have opinions on their actions.

I read yesterday that Steve and Noi from Married At First Sight are getting a divorce. I had plenty to say about that.

I tried to comment on “All About The Tea” that “Steve really dodged a bullet” but it wouldn’t let me.

I feel safe commenting on sites like this because the smart people in my family wouldn’t touch those sites with a ten foot pole.

Still each time I try to write on one of these sites I use a pseudonym as part of my cover .

Here’s where the dumbness comes in. I never can remember what name I used so I keep getting a message “That email has been used with another name” and they don’t let me comment.

So without my help Noi will go on thinking that she’s not a jerk and Steve will wonder where he failed

I’ll be back in a minute. I have to walk Debby.

Mission accomplished.

Attack passing dog

And taking care of business

BTW Twitter wouldn’t let me call trump fuckface.

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