9/28/22. Stuff I think of suddenly

I don’t know if it’s because I’m old or what but moments of my life flash into my mind every once in awhile.

Some are good, some are upsetting, and some just are.

For example when I was a teenager I had a party.

It must have been a Friday night because my parents weren’t home. They played cards every


Why they let me have a party when they were out stymies me but maybe my sister Marcia was home.

I was the fourth kid so they didn’t pay that much attention to me.

Anyway some kids from another neighborhood came uninvited. (I’m thinking “not Jewish”,therefore way sexier than the ones who were invited)

Anyway the party got out of hand (not my words but those of the cops).

But here’s the part that came to me in the night.

One of the boys (Jewish) went up to my father and said “Excuse me Mr.Smith but while I was dancing with your lovely daughter someone stole my glasses and my socks”

BTW in case you’re interested I had Covid and now I don’t so let those hugs be acoming!

Now Zen..

3 thoughts on “9/28/22. Stuff I think of suddenly

  1. There was a lot going on at that party. One of your little boyfriends tried to kiss me. You are 6 years younger than I, so you can imagine how pleased I was!

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