9/29/22. Oy

The whole time I was walking Debby I was singing “Gangsta’s Paradise” in my head.

So last night I was looking at Facebook and my nephew, Dave’s sister’s son who lives in Florida said he and his wife and child were staying on his boat during the hurricane.

I thought this was really stupid.

I did hear from them this morning and they are fine.

Since I gave them that boat I explained how embarrassed I would be if they had died or been blown away.

It’s shocking how kids these days only think of themselves.

Once again I want to recommend the greatest TV show I’ve seen in a long time ” A Place Called Home? on Acorn.

Why you should listen to me:

Even my sister Marcia agrees.

Why you shouldn’t listen to me:

  1. I watch every Bravo show and if I could figure out how to do it I would constantly comment on the recaps because I have loads of opinions on them
  2. The only reason the first line of this post didn’t say “Gangster’s Paradise” is because I saw it correctly on Huffpost before I pressed “Publish”

Now Zen

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