14 Can I knife you in the heart? Can I watch TV with you?

Yesterday was Sunday. I spent the day with Julie and her family bringing her beloved rescue dog to a new home. We were all kind of dreading it but what had looked like an awful day turned out pretty good.

The dog, Buddy, was hugged and kissed by the entire family and their dog and he kissed them all back. He seemed to know that it was his forever home. They made it clear that even though they had bought him a new bed he would probably be sleeping with one of them.

Since dave refused to get his own lawyer, my lawyer sent him the same net worth financial statement for him to fill out that I had handed in. It had taken me at least a month to gather the information.

He doesn’t have any idea about our money so I knew I going to have to help him fill it out.

When I got home I looked in dave’s room and asked him if he’d be available to discuss things tomorrow. He was lying in bed.

“Yes” he said “We have a lot of things to talk about”

Then he said

“I have some bills. I don’t know how to  pay them. I need some help”

“I’ll show you how to do it tomorrow”

“Another thing,” he added “Can I borrow $15,000 from from your father’s money? I’ll sign anything you want and it’s only fair that I pay you interest. I feel like I have no money.”

Why couldn’t he grasp the money situation?

“Take money from our bank account like you always did”

Actually he never did. He told me what he needed and I got it for him.

He seemed to be hesitating  “I don’t want to use that money”

Then I realized that I was the one who isn’t getting it.

“You want money for her?”

“Yes. I’ll be leaving for awhile. She’s coming this week and I’m going to a hotel.

Maybe after that to the boat or Japan.”

In novels the characters are always aware of what they’re feeling. They’re angry, hurt, happy, in love, not in love.

Up to this point I was pretty sure I knew how I felt. I was happy when he wasn’t here and anxious when he was but when I heard this my stomach fell.

If I were to describe the feeling I’d have to say it was fear. I don’t know why though. I guess I wasn’t as sure of my feelings as I thought I was.

I turned and started to leave.

“Mattie ?”


“Can I come in and watch tv with you?”

“Of course”

As soon as I got into my room I took a tranquilizer.

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