19 Remember that Post I Published a minute ago? Forget it.

No sooner had I posted it then my niece Cheryl called me up and said

“What the hell are you doing????? I just read your blog. He’s a narcissitic baby and you are not his mother.

Who cares if he goes to his rehearsal?

Who cares if that slut sits in the airport all day while you’re at the White House because he’s too drunk to pick her up? Let her figure it out. Good luck to her. She’s got a real prize there!

Leave him alone. Let him sleep YOU ARE NOT TO EVEN LOOK IN THAT ROOM.”

See why I adopted her?  Being a single mother isn’t easy but some times it pays off.

8 thoughts on “19 Remember that Post I Published a minute ago? Forget it.

  1. I think Cheryl is spot on.! Go to the White House and have fun, don’t let him spoil it. Oh, and do not go near the airport. I realize this must be so difficult, you’ve been with him a long time and it is hard to just shut off your feelings. Thank you for sharing! (p.s. I follow Julie on twitter and that’s how I found you). Stay strong!! -Diana

    • Don’t worry I won’t go to the airport.
      I was just so worried that he’d be too sick to leave. I can’t move forward until he’s gone.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me.
      This blog has been a lifeline and it’s so good to see someone reading it.
      By the way, he got up himself and went to his rehearsal.

  2. I am cracking up at…. “then my niece Cheryl called me up and said
    “What the hell are you doing????? I just read your blog.”

    I, too, found this blog through your wonderful niece, Julie. When she sent the link, i thought, “oh, I will take a minute to browse this blog” and an hour later I had read every post. I think you are an amazing (and hilarious) woman and we are all rooting for you.

    Tammy (aka hippiechick)

  3. Mattie, for a while now I have been reading and empathizing and laughing and crying and rooting for you. (I also found you via your dearest Julie’s Twitter.) I couldn’t agree more with Cheryl that dave is a narcissistic baby. It feels so lame to suggest a self help book to a stranger on the Internet, but please get your hands on Disarming the Narcissist by Wendy Behary. (dave would probably love a copy too. I mean, what’s better to a narcissist than reading a book entirely about yourself?!) Anyway, you are strong and smart and kind and funny as hell. I hate your situation but love the honesty and immediacy with which you share it. I will be here reading and cheering for you as you kick the bloodsucking vampire to the curb where he belongs.

  4. I understand the need for him to leave so you can move forward. Get him up good and early for departure day! Thanks again. As a sweet friend of mine recently said to me, be kind to yourself.

  5. I have my Cheryls, too, and I am so happy for that:) Otherwise, I’d fall back to my nurturing, taking-care-of-everybody modus operandi, which would, inevitably include “him”. Why is it so hard for us to disengage from this damaging (to us) behavior? And I need to pick up a copy of that book about the narcissists:)

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