58. Not now, I’m knitting a sweater for a spider.

I came home a day early from Montauk. Not that I wasn’t having a good time because I was. I love to be with Susan and Allan. I guess I just missed Rupert.

This twitter thing is driving me nuts. Everytime I get an email saying that someone is following me I want to say “Don’t bother, follow my blog instead”

I’m not sure what goes on what. My seeing Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts and their kids in the health food store and noticing that they really like each other is a no brainer, tweet.

Some things, like that are obvious like my happiness at Liz’s father doing well. That’s a tweet. The fact that now he has no excuse to not write me a blow by blow of things like his trip to Iran to give the Shah’s family facelifts?  Blog

The fact that my nephew Jacob is a great pitcher and saved a baseball game for his team? Tweet. But my intention to hold him to taking me to Yankee stadium, when he’s a Yankee since I’ve never been to Yankee Stadium? Blog

The spider in my bathtub.Tweet

My catching the spider with a paper towel and putting him outside might be a tweet also BUT my lying awake all night worrying if he was indeed an outside spider and might freeze to death definitely falls in the blog category.

As my sister frequently tells me, you wouldn’t want to be in my head.

5 thoughts on “58. Not now, I’m knitting a sweater for a spider.

  1. Thank god you thought to knit it a sweater! According to Ricky Gervais, petting a spider makes its hair fall out. Now, I’m not accusing you of anything, but it WAS just you. And the spider. And a tissue. I’m just saying…

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