59.Sometimes being a tattletale is a good thing

Liz must be sleeping.

How do I know?

Because I got 3 emails from David. He’s like a big baby. When mommy is asleep he likes to tease the neighbors. He knows that if she knew he was doing this she’d put a stop to it STAT. But he’s bored so…

The first one is a picture of some idiot’s mailbox (probably from Texas) It’s a giant loaded gun. You put the mail in the barrel.

The second one had to do with some kid getting lost in the supermarket and not knowing what his mother looks like because she was wearing a chador ( he just loves the stereotype gags and none better than Islamic)

The third some crap putting down President Obama.

These were all forwards that he passed on to me. How he finds these people that send him this stuff I have no idea.  His purpose of sending them to me is solely to irritate .

Well Liz will wake up sooner or later and I’m telling and he’s really gonna get it. So there!

4 thoughts on “59.Sometimes being a tattletale is a good thing

  1. I woke up and he told me. He thinks he’s hilarious. I think this is a sign that he’s growing up and is more sensitive to your feelings because there were no animals harmed in those cartoons.

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