96.I could be a bank teller. When a bank robber came in I’d say “Here’s your money, Nudnick”

I got a call from my other nephew who lives in Israel today.

He thinks I’m too soft on dave. He could be right.

I never answered dave’s email when he asked for another $15,000. Like everything else I figured if I ignore it it would go away but it didn’t.

He asked again and I wrote back this time.

I explained that while I had been cutting expenses he was spending about $500 a day.

I told him I would send him some money but then I got tough.

I wrote:

I’ve put over 36 years into building up a life and secure financial future that it seems I will not be enjoying.
I am trying to be fair with you but since you are no longer taking care of me I have to take care of myself.
Because I am who I am I am trying not to do that to your detriment but I still remember you standing in the living room telling me that I’m lucky you don’t just go to Japan and good luck getting anything from you.

That’ll show him. I’ll send him money but he’ll get a good tongue lashing.

3 thoughts on “96.I could be a bank teller. When a bank robber came in I’d say “Here’s your money, Nudnick”

  1. Atta girl, Mattie. You showed him. I think your nephew is right, but I’m only watching from the sidelines. I think dave (note the small “d”) just might be in over his head with the Japanese komodo dragon, so be careful that he’s not funding her lavish lifestyle. $15,000.00 can only buy so much sushi and sticky rice. Oh, and the last time I bought a kimono, I had to get a part-time job in the Home Depot plumbing department to fund the obi.

    If he asks for more money, send him to me. I’ll kick his ass.

    • I can’t wait for this to be over so I don’t have contact with him. Every time it’s stressful. I just realized what my next post is.
      Oh and thanx for the small d and the ass kicking.

  2. is he working at all? you’ve become the bank of mattie. don’t send him any money for a while. he’s being so unfair to you.

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