95. I don’t think Ninjas come cheap.

Here’s why you need a sister.

When you start thinkin’ and thinkin’ and you work yourself up in into a state of panic, she tells you why you don’t have to worry.

That was probably more of a tweet so I’ll have to fill this post up with a bunch of crap.

Two good things happened to me already today.

1. I woke up all gloomy because I have to pay my bills today, this being the first of the month. After putting them in piles and throwing away the junk mail I realized that today is the 30th so I don’t have to pay them until tomorrow. AND I ALREADY HAVE A LEG UP.

2. I got a threatening letter from IDT for non  payment of a bill and I called them up and said I had cancelled the service a month ago.

The lady said she would listen to my cancellation call and call me back. SHE CALLED ME BACK AND SAID I WAS RIGHT.

Things may be going my way today.

I think I should buy a lottery ticket. Then I could get anything I want.

I wonder how much a hit man costs?

7 thoughts on “95. I don’t think Ninjas come cheap.

  1. McSnort, I can get you one pretty cheap back in Grundy County Tennessee, but you’d have to fix up some possum stew for the negotiations (lol)

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