98.I think that someone should be appointed to right all wrongs. Who me? Ok if you insist.

Last night was the first time that I had a dream that wasn’t about getting left behind or rejected. It was about cleaning my house.

One of the musicians we know is coming over on Tuesday. I can’t tell you who he is because he’s famous and I didn’t ask him if I could talk about him.

I really want my house to be neat so he doesn’t pity me for behaving like the Collier Brothers. ( only really old people know who they are. The others have google.)

I remember that a few years ago he and his girlfriend and dave and I went out to dinner. He lives in one of those middle states and we didn’t see them that much.

I really loved this girl and I was getting progressively more annoyed at this guy because she was younger than him and terrific. I felt like he was using up her youth and taking advantage of her.

Finally I couldn’t take it any more. I started yelling at him for wasting the girl’s time if he wasn’t serious when they both started laughing and told us they had just gotten married. I just mumbled something like oh, then never mind. In spite of that he stayed my friend.

I’d like to say it was unlike me to butt my nose into someone else’s business but anyone who know me knows that isn’t true.

dave used to say that his job in this marriage was rebuilding the bridges that I burned.

Well I’m learning how to rebuild my own bridges, fuckface.  Notice fuckface doesn’t have a capital letter.

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