123 After God told me he wanted me to be President he wished me a happy birthday.

Today’s my birthday.

Steph called this morning and said “Your blog should be really happy today because it’s your birthday”.

Even though I had a great day planned, I didn’t feel so happy then but I didn’t want to make her sad so I lied and agreed.

I think it’s because the first email I got was from dave.

On the subject line it said “happy”

and in the body of the email it said “birthday”.

Without my reminding him the guy never remembered my birthday when he was here but it didn’t matter then.

This just brings home that I MUST finish this thing because every contact with him no matter how benign is toxic to me. (the word “toxic”,  ick)

Intellectually I don’t blame him. He got the chance for a better life with more excitement and romance and he took it.

His choice of a crappy rat faced slut from another land doesn’t diminish his quest.

I did say “intellectually” didn’t I ?

Because in reality I resent him greatly. If I had had any idea that this was a possibility I would have prepared for it better.

For example I would have had my apartment painted. I WOULD HAVE GOTTEN AN IPAD 2 AND AN IPHONE4S !! (sorry for shouting)

Now I’m sitting in this dingy rathole with last years ipad and an iphone that when I tell it to call my sister Marcia, it dials Steve Gadd.

I’m sure there are other things I would have done but I can’t think of them now.

Anyway my morning sucked.

BUT then I met Julie for lunch.

She never fails to cheer me up. We had salads and wine and worked  out the problems of the world.

She said about 15 smart things that I was planning on putting in my birthday blog when I got home but I can’t remember any of them.

Lemme tell ya though folks. They were gold. I have a vague memory that one of them was so smart that we high fived each other.

I wanted to hang around to pick Violet up at school so I could hug her, a treat for anyone, birthday or not, but I felt it was important for me to get home in time to freshen up or catch 40 winks(whichever comes first) for my evening activities which are sure to be delightful.

Last year we… I don’t remember but I know it wasn’t as good as today.

By the way, on my way home I saw the director of JFK, what’s his name? on Central Park South.

14 thoughts on “123 After God told me he wanted me to be President he wished me a happy birthday.

  1. Oliver Stone! My favorite thing about Oliver Stone is when he’s in the movie Dave saying that there’s some kind of conspiracy going on with the President — and there IS!

    Have a wonderful birthday, Mattie – you deserve it! 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday, Mattie. Everytime you post on your blog, I know I’ll get a laugh somewhere along the way. You’ve got a wonderful sense of humor.

    I hope that you will soon feel as good as you make everyone else feel. My last sentence sounds like it was written by an “English as a Second Language” student, but I think you get the idea.

    Keep your chin up, and celebrate the day you were born.

      • Mattie, you did make me laugh today. It was the part about how when you want to call your sister, your Iphone dials Steve Gadd.

        The rest, well, apart from your lunch with Julie, was sad. It must be so hard to get through the days, especially when “he” sends you a birthday email. I wish I could wave a magic wand that would make all of this disappear, but of course I don’t.

        What will be will be. If only we could all accept that, life sure would be easier.

        One day at a time, Mattie. Nobody knows what lies ahead.

  3. Happy Birthday, Mattie. A New Year, and a birtday within a week. I hope that you feel blessed that so many people love you.

  4. i don’t know if you remember, mattie, we were in miami for vacation and it was your birthday, & some kid gave you a christmas tree that that was dumped on the street. now,
    that was a party!! xxx

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