125. What should I wear today? The black or the black?

I really need to clean out my drawers and closets.

I wrote this sentence last night. I was going to tell  you about all my clothes being black but I have to tell you something else first.

dave is coming over this morning.

he wants me to sign something so he can get the boat re- registered.

I’m sitting here all made up with earrings on trying to look like I have somewhere to go.

I don’t ever remember signing the boat registration before so I’d better be on  my toes.

I’ll let you know what happens.

Meanwhile, i was talking about my closets and drawers.

Since everything is black I have no idea what I have. I’ve been wearing black since the 60’s except for my wedding day when I should have.

What I’m going to have to do is empty everything out and label my drawers, long sleeve, short sleeve, dressy, etc.

I’ll throw away anything that isn’t perfect or pretty perfect. I might even find something new that I never wore.

When I used to have money if it was black and it was cute, I bought it.

I know that this sounds boring but it has a point.

When I went shopping with my sister the other day I bought a red sweater. I thought that was a great sign.

Back to dave.

It was very civilized.

Since the boat is in both our names he needed me to sign the form in order to re-register it. My lawyer told me to have him take my name off the registration. I told him this but neither of us could figure out how to do it.

Finally I suggested that I write a letter asking to have my name removed and when he gets to the motor vehicle bureau he can submit it and see if that works.

In case it doesn’t I signed his form so he can get the registration. I know what you’re all saying. I should have listened to the lawyer but it doesn’t matter if my name is on it for now and crazy as it seems I trust him.

When we talked about the finances and the separation I cried. I hated myself for that.

Maybe it’s too soon for the red sweater.

4 thoughts on “125. What should I wear today? The black or the black?

  1. I don’t know about New York, assuming the boat is registered in NY, but I would think you could sign on the back of the title or registration papers that you had sold your interest in the boat to dave for $1 would take care of the issue, but make sure the value of your half is included in any settlement 🙂

  2. don’t hate yourself for crying. you’re strong and positive and moving forward productively!!! a tear or two seems
    quite normal, and so what!!

    and red is so becoming on you. wear that sweater!!! 😉

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