126. Jews love freebees. Case Closed!

I think today may be a good day.

I received a paper in the mail saying that Bloomingdale’s was giving out a free moisturizer.

Can’t let that pass by. Remember my crying jag at Clinique?

I wanted to get to the store when it opened so I wouldn’t miss it.

I was about 10 minutes early so to kill a little time. I went to the drugstore across the street to buy little aspirins.

I decided to start taking them because one of the things I was thinking about after dave left yesterday is that if I get sick in the night I’m on my own.

When we were on the boat a few years ago I got up at about 2 a.m. with dizzy spells. I woke up dave and we went to the emergency room.

This was Marathon Florida and the emergency room was empty. dave stayed with me and held my hand the whole time and  the doctor and nurse never left my side. It turned out that I had walking pneumonia.

For  a person who is terrified of doctors, it was a very calming and reassuring experience. I even wrote the hospital a thank you note and they wrote back thanking me for my thank you note.

I’m sure that happens in New York all the time.

Anyway I’m going to have to fend for myself now.

Back to my good day.

As long as I had a little more time to kill, after buying the aspirins I went into the magazine store and bought lottery tickets.

The guy in the store gave me a lottery ticket case ABSOLUTELY FREE!

By that time Bloomies was open and I went to get my face cream.

It was a BIG jar of hundred dollar Lancome cream!

Could it get any better???

I gotta believe that my lottery numbers will be gold today.

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