143. Liz’s fiance says potato and I say turnip

I’ve been trying to cut down on my expenses so yesterday I cancelled the weekend New York Times delivery.

I felt really guilty because I know how newspapers are losing money and I love reading the Times on my computer during the week and getting the Sunday edition delivered to my door..

It was less than $30 a month but I figure every little bit helps.

At about 10 this morning I got a call from the New York Times asking me to reconsider. I explained that I just couldn’t afford it at this time but as soon as I could I would reinstate it.

The woman said that they would give me a 50% deduction for 6 months which would be about $13 a month.

I jumped at it for 2 reasons.

1. $13 was very manageable.

2. This morning I was at Liz and David’s house “sharing the morning” when David picked up the Times and mumbled “Now I think I’ll check on what the Communist Manifesto has to say today”

I’m always telling you why I love him but now do you see why I hate him?

One thought on “143. Liz’s fiance says potato and I say turnip

  1. the sunday times is the best. from sunday styles to the book review and the magazine section. why else would you like sunday? school’s the next day.

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