144. I got a taste of my own when he kept yapping during Madonna’s act.

I watched a whole football game last night even though I really don’t understand football. I enjoyed the game but I was clearly irritating David.

I knew I shouldn’t talk and I tried to only ask questions when nothing was happening. (I can see all of you rolling your eyes and pitying David)

Did you know that there’s only one quarterback on the field at a time?

When I complained about him  to my sister she asked why I didn’t just go home.


I know I should have been more sensitive since other than hating everyone who isn’t exactly like him his only other interest is football and this was the Academy Awards of football.

After I took my food and ate, that seemed to irritate him too because he kept looking at my plate every time he walked past me, I went home at the 2 minute thing.

I finished watching it in my own chair.

As soon as the game was over my sweet Liz called to tell me the Giants won.

Again, see why I love her and hate him?

And I’ll keep on hating him until dave does something thoughtless and I have to run to him for comfort.

4 thoughts on “144. I got a taste of my own when he kept yapping during Madonna’s act.

  1. Mattie, for lack of a better word, I’ve been “watching” football for several years now and only just realized this about two weeks ago. No flies on you. In fact, they switch out the entire defensive/offensive line-up depending upon which team possesses the ball! I was looking for my “Football for Dummies” and couldn’t find it during the game last night. Clearly, you don’t need it.

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