171.Negotiation day with my soon to be ex. If he doesn’t leave wearing my clothes I’ll consider it a win.

Today dave is coming over to sign some papers and to discuss the separation agreement.

I didn’t sleep all night.

One of the things I kept insisting on to my lawyer was that I would get the montauk house. I was firm about this.

We bought it so that we would own something to rent or sell if we needed to .

Although my family used it dave and I rarely did in recent years since he didn’t like to be there that much and summer was when he worked the  most.

I’m such a tough negotiator that I don’t know why I spent money on that high priced lawyer.

Last night he sent me an email saying he didn’t want to give me the whole house. He had loads of ideas about how we could get money out of the house without selling it and we could rent it and he would agree never to go there.

I pretty much agreed. One email and I fold.

In fairness to me the magic words were he would agree never to go there. The thought of that woman spending time in my house made me want to puke.

This morning I was talking with my sister about how to deal with him today and the second I mentioned that I was worried about how he would pay for things I could see that she got nervous.

She didn’t actually use the word “patsy” because she didn’t want to stress me more than I’m stressed now but she suggested I make a list of what I want to discuss and stick to it.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Oh I never said how the second night at the sleep center went.

In order to garner sympathy from my family and friends I took a picture of myself with all the wires attached to me and a sad look on my face and emailed it to them.

Every single person except one sent back “poor you” messages.

The exception was Stephanie who wrote “All you have to do is sleep so put away the violins”

8 thoughts on “171.Negotiation day with my soon to be ex. If he doesn’t leave wearing my clothes I’ll consider it a win.

  1. We have a negotiation session coming up with the State of Florida for a condemnation issue, could we get you to come down and represent ….. them? 🙂 Sorry, I didn’t mean that but your title rocks!

    Knowing nothing about the respective values of dave’s boat and your house, can’t you give him your share of the boat and take his share of the house assuming there is some equality of value?

  2. Your sister is nicer than mine:) I know my sister loves me (we are best friends, only 16 months between us), but she does not understand how I feel. All those years leave an imprint on our souls. I did not ask for this, nor was I prepared, so it will take time:)

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