189. When’s the last time you thought the gestapo was at your door?

Miss Liz is coming back from Santa Fe tonight.

I’m so happy. I really missed her.

It’s about time too. David will need to be whipped back into shape and she’s the one who can do it.

He hasn’t seen Rupert practically at all since she left or as he says, “Only when I’m getting in the elevator and he runs out of your house, barking and trying to bite me”

He’s also taken up the very sensitive method of contacting me by banging on my door and screaming in german.
There isn’t a nazi reference that he doesn’t jump into with both feet.
Now that he lives down the hall from one of the few Jews he is on speaking terms with he must be thrilled that he can put them to good use.

He does have his sensitive side too.

To explain why he didn’t answer the email I sent him yesterday, he said his phone is acting weird and he didn’t get it until just now.

“After all,” he said “You know if I had gotten it I never would have ignored you. I would have sent you some insult in return.”

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