190. Sometimes being a tattle tale feels really good.

Something interesting happened today.

For the first time since dave left he and I worked together on something and we were even exchanging a few personal sentences.
I felt that he had my back, even kind of protecting me from myself.

It wasn’t anything important, just the accountant’s bill but the dave I remembered was creeping in.

Can we ever become friends?

Probably not.

I do know, however, that I have to make an effort to remember to be angry or not to worry about him.

Fortunately I have a shitload of friends and family that are happy to remind me of why he doesn’t deserve my good thoughts.

I was just about to repeat that it’s much easier for me when he’s behaving badly when I remembered that that would be almost a direct quote from one of the women on “Mob Wives” from last night’s show except I think she snuck a “fuckin'” in there.

Oh and her husband was in prison and even there he cheated on her.

Miss Liz is back.

Rupe was ecstatic. When she picked him up he just rested his head on her chest and sighed.

We all had dinner together and David pretended that he had been nice the whole time Liz was away but he couldn’t fool her.

She was particularly angry about his gestapo impersonation which at first he denied but later mumbled something about it being my fault.

I went home before hearing him explain that one. It was enough that I heard him get yelled at while I sat innocently by.

4 thoughts on “190. Sometimes being a tattle tale feels really good.

  1. Dear ” sister”, Does your self-righteousness provide you with a nice warm glow? Does is protect you from the shame and guilt you may feel for any number of offensive things you may have done in your own life? I see that you posted this at 2:20 am. My advice to you is to turn in earlier, get some rest and take care of your own house before judging anyone else for their emotional response.

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